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Benefit #1:  Designed to Make Your Staff More Efficient

Use Your Member Data to Deliver the Right Member Message at the Right Time.

Our gym membership software was developed by a team of in-house engineers with years of experience in the fitness industry as club owners, operators, sales and marketing leads, group fitness instructors and even front desk staff.

Motionsoft’s club software platform combines modern technology and business logic with a clean visual interface that makes running a gym much easier with data access and storage to create an outrageously powerful tech architecture so that you can focus on membership management and the data you need to deliver the right message at the right time.

Our modern software design makes training a breeze. Front desk staff love using our tools because they eliminate all the paper processes they’ve had to use with other software tools. Finance teams love Motionsoft because the platform is equipped with an integrated payment processing solution as well as an application program interface (API) so that you can plug in services from vendors you’re already working with.

Motionsoft offers club operators advanced cloud software technology with 28 powerful modules and a granular reporting platform with 150+ standard reports including financial reports and a custom report builder that allows you to drill down into your membership data whether you’re running a single location or multi-site clubs.

The New Look of Club Management Software

Benefit #2: Fully Integrated

Lose the Paperwork.  Everything is on One Screen.

Everything is on one screen. Motionsoft uses a tab-based navigation system so that you and your staff have a complete 360-degree view of your member’s entire account information from demographics, contracts, schedules, classes attended, and purchases all on one screen.  You don’t have to log out of one screen and then log into another.  Everything is one screen.

Our gym membership software is fast too. Fast club software for your staff when they need to be responsive to lots of members checking in for your most popular Tuesday 6:30 pm cycling class. That’s why Motionsoft software runs on a reliable and quick enterprise-grade Tier 4 data center.

Motionsoft also makes going digital a breeze with easy uploading of documents with no file size restrictions. Just think about all of your contracts all in one place.  Electronic contracts and other agreements will make believers out of anyone while tidying up your club and club onboarding experience.

Benefit #3:  Advanced Software Technology

Modern Technology Platform so that Your Staff can Focus on What’s Important – Your Members!

Your club software will run on a modern technology platform with a clean design interface for gaining meaningful member insights. And, you won’t have to manage software installations on computers in your club. Why? MoSoClub is a cloud-based software platform with 28 powerful tools and integrated billing for seamless payment processing.

MoSoClub Front Desk Check-in Software

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“Why do we use Motionsoft to power our club? It’s simple. They have the best software to do it with. We feel that Motionsoft has four distinct advantages, the people who work for the company, the support system in place, the programs that run in the software, and the platform that Motionsoft software runs on.”

Trevor Zak
Fitness Inc.

Trevor Zak, owner, Fitness Inc.

Benefit #4:  

Easy to Use Club Membership Software

Motionsoft software is easy to use. Your staff can log-in to your software from a browser on a computer terminal at the club or you can access your software while the beach from your computer to see who punched into work and, when. You won’t have to download any software. Your software is digital: everything is in the cloud including member agreements, waivers, PT contracts – everything!

What our customers really like is the slick data-driven reporting you can create. Use your member data to drive deeper, more meaningful insights and engagement opportunities. Motionsoft will give your facility the power to know your members so that you can create great club experiences every member expects.

MoSoClub Gym Scheduler Module

Ron Poliseno, VP of Sales and Director of Outsourced Member Services, Motionsoft

“With Motionsoft™ software it’s easy for club operators to see all the information they need in one place so that they can make faster and more informed decisions about their member’s needs.”

Ron Poliseno
Vice President of Sales

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Benefit #5:

Integrated Payment Processing

If you’re the finance professional at your club – owner, comptroller, accountant or CFO, you’re going to love Motionsoft. Ready to run any report you need when you need it. It gets better. Imagine having a single integrated billing solution that gives your club complete billing cycle flexibility in one easy to use tool. That’s Motionsoft. Incredibly fast and easy to use, the system will bill, update and report on any number of criteria from tracking charges and payments in your system to accounts receivable.

Benefit #6:

Robust Reporting and a Custom Report Builder

Motionsoft offers clubs the best club management software reporting offering with 150+ standard reports including financial reports, and a custom report builder that will give your staff the ability to create your own custom reports fields to monitor member actions so that you can act on and track visit patterns to curb attrition. Motionsoft allows your staff to build and save reports based on criteria that is important to your business so that you can pinpoint information specific to your members.

We’ve even made reporting fun with customizable report styles. Choose grid or table style charts. It’s entirely up to you! Need to email a report to your club owner? No problem. You can extract reports to an Excel or PDF format.

 best gym management software - custom report builder

Benefit #7:

Perfect for Clubs with a Single or Multiple Locations

If your club has multiple locations, you’ll be able to see a snapshot of all your club activity all on one screen. You don’t have to log into one location page and then logout only to login again to see another location.

Motionsoft is robust enough to support organizations with multiple locations that support operational practices such as reciprocal access for specific member types so that member may access all of their locations.

Benefit #8:

Industry Leading Scheduler

Need to see what classes’ members are attending by just glancing at a screen? Checkout Motionsoft Scheduler a staff-facing scheduling solution tied to an online member-facing component called myClub. Our Scheduler will put your staff in the driver seat while quickly taking member class reservation requests at the club or on the phone. The online scheduling component – myClub – adds functionality to your website to let prospects sign-up online while giving members complete access to their accounts to make payments, book group fitness classes, PT sessions and update their information online or via their mobile device. Members love that class calendars can be synched to a Google calendar too.

Benefit #9:

Point of Sale (POS) System

Point of sale software for gyms - gym management software

Full Point of Sale (POS) software is built into Motionsoft software allowing over the counter purchases with reporting, inventory control, and the ability to quickly collect membership fees.

Benefit #10:

Punch Clock for Hourly Employees

Hourly employees can clock in and out using their unique employee credentials. Easy reporting on hours allows your finance team to effortlessly run payroll for the club.

Technical Stuff

Technical stuff every CIO needs with enterprise-grade club management software for single or multi-location clubs built on cloud computing services with secure PCI certified credit card and ACH processing via our integrated payments gateway.

Software technologies employed, include:

  • Net framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • JSON / XML
  • AJAX
  • Memcache
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

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