The definitive accounts receivable management solution for the fitness industry.


Imagine collecting $12,015 of $40,000 in past due balances more than 30-days late in one-week


  • Now imagine collecting over $31,000 of $40,000 of member dues more than 30-days delinquent in three weeks.
  • Our tailored accounts receivable (AR) management approach keeps memberships active while solving the problem of member cancellations when requesting delinquent member dues.
  • Your outsourced member engagement team is professionally trained in “Member-First” service skills to support your member retention.
  • Quick Start capabilities ensure effective and efficient processes while swiftly lowering accounts receivable.


How did we do it?


Person-to-person direct outreach with a well-trained professional member engagement team, tailored messaging based on the club’s brand and voice, a robust and proven engagement approach developed by fitness industry expert Ron Poliseno who leads our Full Service team, and customized repayment plans resulting in the fitness chain collecting over $31,000 in past due balances more than 30-days delinquent.


Our secret: Service-oriented member engagement


Our helpful and service-oriented member engagement team is focused on win-win outcomes that keeps more memberships active while getting member accounts current.  From tailored repayment plans to ongoing outreach, our Full Service team will create customized “Member-First” engagement programs that keep your members happy and active while decreasing accounts receivable collections responsibly.


Ready to get started?


Ready to get started? Our complete Full Service solution is designed to help you collect past due balances for a single flat fee of 5%. That’s right. Just 5%*.   Talk to a talented Full Service team leader today and learn how Motionsoft Full Service can help you rid your club of mounting AR headaches.
*Credit and other conditions apply.

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Motionsoft Full Service Case Study:

How one frustrated club operator collected $12,015 in one-week on past due balances more than 30-days late.

Club Situation > Mounting Financial Headaches

Accounts receivable for a multi-location fitness chain were adding up quickly especially member dues that were more than 30-days late.   The passionate fitness chain operator was facing a mounting financial headache as more member dues remained uncollected. The fitness firm attempted to initiate collections internally but the effort backfired.

Solution > Launched Motionsoft Full Service

Implemented an outsourced member engagement approach using Full Service to collect past due gym membership balances.


Step I: Launched a Quick Start training program with a dedicated team of professional member management staff to create a customized member-first approach.

Step II: Initiated person-to-person outreach to begin collecting past due balances.

Step III: Expanded customer touch points by introducing automated processes to expand penetration.

Step IV: Introduced tailored repayment plans to keep members from canceling gym memberships.

Step V: Follow-up outreach kept members repayment plans on track and dues collected.


Results > Over $31,000 collected in three-weeks 


  • $12,015 – Collected during first week and over $31K of $40K in three-weeks of member dues more than 30-days delinquent
  • 76% – Collection percentage in three-weeks
  • 0 – Number of canceled memberships
  • 5% – Flat fee paid by fitness chain operator


Ready to get started?  Talk to a talented Full Service team leader today and learn how Motionsoft Full Service can help you rid your club of mounting AR headaches.