Data Control Certifications

Motionsoft maintains HIPPA, PCI, and SOC1 certifications and compliance.

Motionsoft’s most recent PCI certification from ControlCase was award on May 31, 2018. Our PCI certification is scheduled for renewal on May 31, 2019. You can view our certification here.


Save Money

Motionsoft offers superior payment processing rates.  In fact, Motionsoft can save your business up to 20% or more by shifting your processing over to Motionsoft.

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Accept all Forms of Gym Payments at Your Facility 

Partner with the industry’s most secure payment processor to grow and protect your business regardless of whether you need mobile, credit card payment processing, and certified ACH batch processing.

Motionsoft’s secure payment processing system is integrated, faster, more reliable reporting, and was designed for gyms, and the members they serve.

  • No hidden fees
  • The most competitive pricing in the industry
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service team

As a payment processor to the fitness, health and wellness markets, Motionsoft provides billing and point-of-sale (POS) services that are directly connected to our customers’ club management software resulting in funds that are quickly deposited into their accounts.

The core features of our payment processing system, include:

  • Integrated billing and POS to our software platform
  • Certified PCI Compliance
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1 – Type II Compliance for publicly traded companies and hospitals


ACH and Credit Card Processing

Our automated billing services helps health and wellness centers to get their money faster with secure PCI certified credit card and ACH processing on merchant EMV certified card readers to keep your transactions save. Our integrated billing system lowers your costs and reduces your risks — relieving you and your staff of cumbersome operational and bookkeeping tasks.

Motionsoft will streamline and automate your billing procedures to ensure your data is accurate, your draft is processed fast, and your data is secure.   In addition, you can select

  • Full Service Billing options that includes daily member interactions with a trained engagement team that has resulted in 98% collection rate as well as end-to-end member service
  • Accounts Receivable Management solutions customized for member who are delinquent that is designed to keep them active as members while they bring their account current
  • Automatically updates of expired credit cards using our credit card automatic update service (CCAUS)

Already have a billing company? See how our data conversion software makes it quick and painless.


Merchant EMV Card Readers 

You need to be aware of new EMV regulations that are bringing big changes to gym merchant payment processing and, specifically to the card readers your club is currently using.

What is EMV? EMV is a required technical security standard for smart payment cards both – credit cards and debit card – and for payment terminals that was created by the leading credit card networks to address fraud. Credit card fraud ended up costing the US nearly $8 billion in 2015, which is about 60 percent higher than it was in 2010.
This alarming trend triggered the newly enforced EMV security standards.

Although different sectors have different compliance deadlines, gym merchants that are not compliant with EMV regulations by mid-2018 will be responsible for all cost associated with credit card fraud that results from their business, as opposed the banks that previously covered fraud costs.

The only way for merchants to avoid these fraud charges is to implement EMV technology into your gym payment processing system. If you’re ready implement pre-certified EMV card readers in your club, please contact a Motionsoft representative now.

As a merchant using Motionsoft’s gym payment processing gateway, your club will need to purchase your pre-certified EMV card reader(s) directly from Motionsoft. If you’re ready to speak to a Motionsoft representative about ordering your new card readers, please schedule your call now.

Your club can choose to purchase your own card readers separately but you’ll still need to have Motionsoft reload the software necessary for your card reader to work. The reload fee is $150 per unit which is why it’s cheaper to purchase the pre-loaded, pre-certified EVM card readers directly from Motionsoft.

Motionsoft offers a number of pre-loaded, pre-certified EVM card readers ranging in price from $229 to $575.
The EMV regulations deadline makes this a good time to invest in EMV compatible hardware.


How to Scrutinized Your Payment Processing Fees

If you haven’t scrutinized your payment processing fees before its time to pull out those contracts so that you can protect your company’s reputation, your members, and your revenue. On the member front, identify management fees that are being charged directly to your members as well as social media reviews and comments. Those reviews are out there. If there are negative reviews about your business, engage in a dialog with your member about the fees charged and facilitate a resolution with your vendor. A simple rule of thumb is that if your payments vendor makes more money when your business is making less you need to identify fee variables that are driving up your costs and push for a contract renegotiation.

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. In the case of payment processing fees, the most unlikely place is the “standard language” used in your payment processor contract. The secret is that a number of payment processing firms have been getting away with charging absurd fees to facilities and their members.

Al Noshirvani, Chairman of Motionsoft, shares advice on how to assess fee rates so that your facility doesn’t fall prey to payment processing abuses.  Here are the basics:

1. The Rate Game: The only rate that your business should pay for cards is referred to as interchange. There is no other rate and definitely not for ACH (automated clearing house) processing. Key Takeaway: Transactions do not have a “base rate” associated with them and cost no more than Interchange (+ or -) $0.25 per transaction. An ACH should cost no more than $0.25.

2. POS vs. Recurring: The payments game is all about risk. If a person is standing in front of you that risk is significantly reduced. Key Takeaway: A swipe transaction should run your business no more than 3.25% and is based on card type.

3. Submitted vs. Collected: Are your processing fees based on your total revenue collected or total amount submitted for collection? Key Takeaway: Your processing fees should reflect the funds that you processed and collected, not on the total amount submitted. Uncovering Hidden Fees and Abuses

4. Credit Card Decline Fees: We have all seen the $25.00 returned check fee but when was the last time you paid a “declined credit card fee?” Never. Key Takeaway: While transaction fees of $0.05 to $0.25 are applicable to any submission, a declined credit card has no other fees.

5. Automation Fees: Tools like Card Account Updaters help maximize first-time submissions and decrease unnecessary outbound calls. Key Takeaway: The cost of an account update is approximately $0.10. Your business should not pay a processor $1.00 per update per record.

6. Every Decline Has A Reason: The card associations and the Federal Reserve regulate re-bills and retries of credit cards and ACH. Key Takeaway: Don’t let your receivable management company overcharge your business by resubmitting multiple times. Your business will never collect a hard decline automatically.

7. It’s All About Cash Flow: Your business should never wait two weeks to get your deposit. Key Takeaway: Once your billing is processed your receivable management company has the cash in one to two days. Demand that your business is ACH’d your money immediately.