From billing to client relationship solutions, we keep your business—and your memberships—going strong.


Perfect for boutique health clubs and studios, MoSo Club is a no-sweat, high-tech solution for small and medium business owners who want to play to their strengths—and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Our mission is to help you become a better operator. From helping you collect dues, to maximizing the lifetime value of your members, our software solutions give you the tools to effectively get, know and keep your members.

What our clients tell us is most beneficial to them is how easy our platform is to use (for both them and their front-line staff), and how quickly we help them get membership dues into their bank account (within 2 business days!) Our powerful API, meaningful reports and automated collections process take the stress away from you and your team so you can do what you do best - provide an amazing health and Wellness experience for your members.



With Motionsoft™ software, it’s easy for club operators to see all the information they need in one place so that they can make faster and more informed decisions about their member’s needs.”

- Ron Poliseno, Vice President of Sales, Motionsoft


Engage Your Core (Audiences)

From social integration and online sales to in-the-moment membership updates, your next raving fan is just one exceptional experience away. Empower your future and current clients to “own” their fitness journey with self-service tools, access, and account management.


The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Show your members you have a healthy respect for their time, their money, and their health goals by keeping tabs on their progress—and motivating them to succeed. Our data can tell you when they prefer to work out, which memberships are the most vulnerable to cancellation, and what support you can provide to get them (and you) over the hump.


Fuel Better Results

Exceptional customer experiences start with an intuitive user interface supported by powerful back office solutions. We know that every member success story adds to your own, which is why we provide you with actionable information that you can use to engage your members.