Motionsoft is a no-sweat, high-tech solution for member-based business owners who want to play to their strengths—and leave the heavy lifting to us. Our mission is to help you become a better operator. From helping you collect dues, to maximizing the lifetime value of your members, our software solutions give you the tools to effectively get, know and keep your members.


Collection Rates up to 98% on Initial Billings

When an initial billing takes place, we get to work quickly with notifications, personal phone calls and emails. We work hard to get your fees, and in a respectful way. Our goal is to not only help you get your payment, but to also keep the member.

The Industry’s Most Competitive Rates through our PCI-Certified Payment Processor

If your payment processing vendor makes more money when your business is making less, you need to identify fee variables that are driving up your costs. At Motionsoft, we’ve saved our customers an average of 15% on processing fees! You’ll enjoy the most competitive pricing in the industry – and NO HIDDEN FEES!

Decline + Late Fees Go Directly to Your Bank Account

When a member pays a decline or late fee, that payment goes to your bottom line, not ours.

Get Money Into Your Account Faster

Our billing and point-of-sale (POS) services are directly connected to your management software, resulting in funds that are more quickly deposited into your account – within 2 business days!

Credit Card Automatic Updater Service (CCUS)

Decrease credit card declines and increase revenues! CCUS eliminates headaches when a member’s credit card expires or is replaced. Our CCUS system automatically updates new or replacement card data so there is no need for your staff to track down members – meaning your company won’t experience a disruption in billing.

Want help analyzing your current credit card statement for hidden/unnecessary fees? Email us to request a statement review!