Everyone offers front desk check-in software but what makes our software the industry leading solution?


For starters, integration. Everything you need to manage your members is on one screen. You can provide account management services to your members from our check-in software without having to log out of one tool and then log in on another screen. It’s all integrated and connected.

Motionsoft’s check-in software for gyms provides:


  • Easy-to-see graphics, oversized fonts and audio cues
  • Alerts for important account updates or past-due fees
  • Synchronized information across system and locations
  • Simultaneous family member check-in
  • Key-tag, card readers, RFID or biometric door and turnstile control


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How our Front Desk Check-In software helps your front desk staff engage members


Our check-in software for gyms feeds your staff the information they need to provide your members the level of service they expect and your club with member management information you need to operate your club from group fitness class registrations, upcoming birthdays, and even outstanding balances that need to be paid. You’ll get your members working out in no time with personal attention, alerts and security.

Easy-to-see graphics, oversized fonts, and audio cues that simplify the training of new staff.

Our Front Desk Check-In software is easy for your staff to learn thanks to oversized fonts, easy-to-see graphics, intuitive design and audio cues. Friendly icons relay important messages about members’ account status and premium services like personal training, locker rental, and kids club. Check-in syncs data across the entire system so you can search for members’ profiles across multiple locations without disparate information. Check-in is also fully integrated with our training scheduling software for class and PT check-in.

Access control and entry system support


Front Desk Check-In works with the most sophisticated entry systems in the marketplace from key-tags, card readers and RFID (radio-frequency identification), to biometric entrance control solutions (fingerprint, handprint, iris), and it can activate turnstiles or magnetically lock doors in under a second. Best of all, Motionsoft’s Check-in software is integrated with Gantner access controls.