Casey Neistat why dont airplanes have gyms

Casey Neistat raises an interesting question:  Why don’t airplanes have gyms?

During Casey’s QATAR AIRWAYS Business Class review at 39,000 feet, he took a moment to stretch out – literally (fyi — the hammies look a little tight Bro) and then whipped out a bunch of push-ups.

Then it just happened.  Boom!

Why don’t airplanes have gyms especially on long-haul flights?  Couple of treadmills? Rowing machines?  That would be kewl.

Even on commuter flights I can envision a TRX System and a set of resistance bands in your seat.  Perhaps chest straps and a MYZONE leader board?

The question now is who is going to be first?  QATAR Airways?

I asked American, Delta, and Virgin America on Twitter let’s see who’s the first to respond.