Innovation Trends in Member and Employee Communications in the Fitness Industry

What a session! Our sincere thanks, again, to the Motionsoft Technology Summit Advisory Board members Adam Podber, Blink Fitness, Larry Carrington, Wellbridge, Garrett Borunda, 24 Hour Fitness, and Adam Zeitsiff, Gold’s Gym for sharing their expertise and insights on member and staff communication trends in the fitness industry.

The two key takeaway are:

  1. Technology innovations are changing the way club’s engage, anticipate, serve, and process member and staff communications.
  2. These new methods of communication are already happening in other industries and its time for the fitness world to embrace and adopt techniques to improve how and when we communicate with our member and, how important it is to inform and educate staff about member needs and expectations in a constantly evolving digital era.

You may want to start the video at 2:27.  We experiences a few technical issues during the first few minutes of the recording.  Here’s the video of their session =>