Paul Bedford Retention Guru

Gym retention expert Dr. Paul Bedford maps out 7 steps clubs can take to improve #retention in a Motionsoft Technology Summit Boot Camp webinar video.

Dr. Bedford is the data scientist and author of IHRSA One Million Strong: An in-Depth Study of Member Retention in North America and is a popular speaker industry speaker.  During his session he shared a number of key takeaways including:


dr paul bedford

“The language you use before a member joins needs to be different than the language you use after they join.”

“Visiting is the #1 activity a club needs to focus on.”

“Measuring what the equipment is doing will NOT completely inform you about what your members are doing.”

“The challenge with wearables is that the devices don’t trigger the next best action whether the member is in the club or elsewhere.”


You can watch Dr. Bedford’s presentation on gym member retention tips and strategies below.

You’ll learn how to mirror retail analytics best practices to improve the member experience, increase retention, and loyalty while reducing attrition. You’ll be amazed by the number of retail analytics processes that you can use in your club to increase sales and improve operational efficiency and business performance.

Dr. Bedford is a leading expert on gym member retention with over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry. Paul was the lead researcher of the retention study One Million Strong: An In-Depth Study of Health Club Member Retention. Paul fitness career started as a gym instructor, personal trainer and fitness manager of a variety of clubs both public and private sectors. Paul has a master’s degree in exercise and health behaviors, and a PhD from the London Sports Institute.

Dr. Bedford’s session covers:

1.Data Driven Strategies
2.Top Three Retention Interventions
3.Reframe, Retargeting as a Retention Tool
4.Hot Spots and Blind Spots
5.Technology Innovations