Inflatable Backpack Save Snowboarder in Whistler Survives Avalanche

View in “Full Screen” mode to ensure you get the most terrifying experience. Oh, and crank up the volume.

Hold on for a very wild ride!

A very *lucky* snowboarder got caught in an avalanche and captured the experience through his helmet camera. He was skiing in Whistler, BC.  Luckily, he was wearing a Black Diamond Halo 28 JetForce Avalanche Airbag Pack that kept him from dropping below the surface of the avalanche. The backpack was a gift from his friends. I think he has a few thank you notes to write.

Honestly, I’ve never seen snow move so fast.

In case you’re wondering:

Dry slab avalanches typically travel 60-80 miles per hour. They reach these speeds within about 5 seconds after they fracture. Wet avalanches usually travel much slower, around 20 miles per hour. – Avalanche Facts, Safe Mountain Travel

Most of the “screaming” sounds you hear are actually the backpack inflating. Most of it.  The snowboarder screamed too.  You just can’t hear him while the avalanche is moving