Ron Poliseno, VP of Sales and Director of Outsourced Member Services, Motionsoft

Motionsoft Full Service is a professional outsourced member service and accounts receivable management solution that helps clubs keep their past due members active while getting member accounts current.  With collection rates of 98%, we asked the director of Full Service is Ron Poliseno who also serves as Motionsoft’s Vice President of Sales to provide tips and best practices club operators can leverage to keep past due members active.

A veteran fitness industry leader, Mr. Poliseno was the former VP of Business Development for AllState Financial Group and has extensive expertise in health club operations, including a deep understanding of EFT (ACH and credit card processing).

Q: Ron, health and fitness facilities and hospital wellness centers that haven’t worked with Motionsoft, can you tell us a little about Motionsoft Full Service and your role?

Motionsoft Full Service™ is a powerful member services and accounts receivable solution that helps clubs keep their past due members active while getting member accounts current.

Motionsoft is an impressive company with innovative software and solutions for consumer-based businesses in the fitness industry. More than 2,500 clubs that require technology-driven member, facility and payment processing use Motionsoft’s club management software MoSo™ for large fitness firms, and, MoSoClub™ for small and mid-sized fitness operators. On the billing side of the business, our integrated gateway for payment processing, MoSoPay™ processes $2.5 billion annually through our software offerings while supporting over 5 million gym memberships in the U.S. and Canada.

My role as Director of Full Service is to lead our dedicated professional member management staff and, to ensure our “member-first” engagement dialogs are tailored to each club’s culture, member base and AR situation. I also spend a lot of time helping clubs calculate declines and collections rates so that they understand the ROI Full Service can delivery.

Q: Effectively managing accounts receivables is becoming a competitive advantage in the fitness industry, how do you see Motionsoft Full Service’s role in the industry?

Retention. It’s all about retention. One of the challenges of managing AR responsibly is addressing the problem of cancellations with members that have past due balances especially balances that are more than 30-days late. Our tailored repayment approach keeps members active while solving the headaches of AR balances with a “member-first approach” that is focused on retaining the member for the club so that clubs don’t lose members and, members get their accounts current.

Q: What companies are benefiting from Full Service?

 Companies billing $50,000 or more monthly are an ideal fit for Motionsoft Full Service.

Q: What differentiates Motionsoft Full Service from other competitors in outsourced member services?

I like lists and, these four topics help Full Service standout:

  1. Full Service pricing. We offer a flat fee for service of 5% that includes software and processing. There are credit and other conditions that may apply but when a club hears a flat fee is very attractive to the clubs we work with.

  2. Retaining members. Knowing that our goal is to not loose a single member really resonates with prospective clubs. It all started when we heard how concerned club owners and operators were about loosing customers during the AR process. At that moment, we decided to design a solution that minimized cancellations while decreasing accounts receivable responsibly.   For one multi-chain club with a big list of members who’s dues were beyond 30-days late, it resulted in $12,015 being collected in one-week.

  3. Quick Start. Once a club evaluates our offering, the next question they generally ask is when can you start which is why our Quick Start capabilities are so attractive to clubs.

  4. An amazing team. I’m really proud of the team we’ve put together. I believe we have the greatest outsourced and, professional member services team in the industry.   Ongoing professional development and training in a “member-first” engagement approach is something we’re all very proud of.

Q: How to you convince companies to start using Full Service?

 We do the math and create a performance forecast.   Here’s an example scenario:

  1. A club is billing $50,000 each month in member dues and services.

  2. Using the industry average decline rate on first billings of 18%, this club would have $9,000 in accounts receivable.

  3. Using a collection rate target of 95% this club’s collection goal would be $45,000 of the original $50,000 billed.

  4. Using a flat fee of 5% (credit and other conditions may apply), our example club would only pay $200 to collect the $4,000 in AR to reach a 95% collection rate or $45,000.

Ready to get started? Email our talented Full Service team leaders today and learn how Motionsoft Full Service can help you rid your club of mounting AR headaches. You can also call 1-800-323-1005.