Mike Rucker

Mike Rucker, VP of User Experience, Active Wellness and panel moderator of – Extending Your Reach and Influencing Your Members Outside of Your Four Walls: Apps are Just the Beginning – at Motionsoft Technology Summit shares his five key session takeaways.

1) Technology can no longer be an afterthought for health clubs.   Members are use to the UX of Uber, Amazon Prime, and Disney MagicBand; your company’s tech should live up to these type of experiences if possible.

2) Data should be used to answer questions; data for the sake of data is folly.

3) The industry needs ways to standardize and federate desperate data sources to increase micro- and macro-utility (for their own businesses and the industry in general, ex. STR Star report).  Example: [METAPHOR] What if RBI meant 5 different things in baseball? Would it be a useful KPI?

4) As leaders in health tech, we need to strike a balance between the paradox of wanting to improve user experience (through interaction) and wanting to reduce friction (by eliminating interaction/steps).

5) The industry has been operating with trying to discover how we can use technology to advance the agenda of our businesses, and it is probably time to start focusing more on how technology can advance the agenda of our members