Enterprise Software Migration Strategy

In the early 80’s when I first got involved in the software industry, homegrown software was pretty prevalent, mainly because no suitable commercial packages were available. At the time, software companies developing business software were primarily focused on large markets and broad disciplines, like accounting or payroll. Businesses that operated in these markets, both large and small, had access to a multitude of off-the-shelf software solutions.

However, niche markets were not well served.

The reason for this disparity was that niche segments were relatively difficult to automate since they were rule-based processes with undefined best practices. So for many niche markets, like human resources, global trade, and health club management, no commercial software was available. Therefore, anybody wanting to automate those businesses processes faced a situation where they either had to build it or contract a third-party developer to create the custom software for them. Overtime, demand for niche software solutions was met by ever-expanding software companies looking to increase revenue by moving into adjacent markets.

One exception remains to this day.

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