Back Office Support Services (B.O.S.S.)

Self-Service is the New Full Service™ in Automated Member Collections

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B.O.S.S.™ is an automated messaging system for collecting past due payments

Get your money, quicker. 95% collection rate. Collects 10% faster than full-service providers.

B.O.S.S. automates the process of identifying and contacting members who are delinquent in paying their dues. This system significantly reduces the number of accounts that end up in collections and thereby minimizes lost revenue with consumer-friendly technology for more efficient, more successful and less expensive member account outreach.

  • Consistent & effective communication with your members.
  • Individual tracking history of people who have been contacted.
  • Saves time by not having staff dial people who aren’t there.
  • Payments can be made on your website, over the phone, at your front desk or at an in-club kiosk.


Accounts Receivable Management (ARM).

ARM configuration is a simple three-step process using a tabbed page layout for easy navigation. The three core configuration steps are:

  1. Business unit settings including processing options, phone call time, letter logo and sender contact information.
  2. Templates.
    1. Phone templates – All messages are professionally prerecorded.
    2. Email templates – Including HTML and text format options.
    3. Letter templates – Choose custom templates or templates produced by Motionsoft.
  3. Notification schedules. Select notification type, balance threshold and desired template.


B.O.S.S ROI Case Study : Download Whitepaper

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