Integrated Member, Staff and Resource Scheduling for Activities and Classes

Start QuoteWhether you’re a new club or an established one who’s outgrown your current system, Motionsoft should be on your radar.End Quote

—Bruce Ebel
Gold’s Gym Franchisee

Automate scheduling of members, staff and resources for group classes, or one-on-one sessions. Motionsoft’s scheduler fully integrates with every aspect of our club management and billing for efficiency, accuracy and real-time reporting.

Activities (personal training, tanning, message, and tennis lessons) and classes (Yoga, Spin, Pilates) are easily entered into the scheduler, and give administrators and staff multiple views into each.

  • Integrated with Series Sales and Member Manager
  • Manage and track classes
  • Create automatic wait lists
  • Reporting on staff commissions
  • Run reports on specific days, times, locations and instructors
  • Manage resources and equipment
  • Track (non)attendance for activities and classes

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