Integrated Member, Staff and Resource Scheduling for Activities and Classes

Start QuoteAs a gym owner, I have to wear many hats; manager, salesperson, payroll, billing, etc. Motionsoft gives me the tools to accomplish these tasks in a very efficient and effective approach so I can actually spend time away from my business.End Quote

—Derek Sanborn
Lady of Livingston Health & Fitness

Automate scheduling of members, staff and resources for group classes, or one-on-one sessions. Motionsoft’s scheduler fully integrates with every aspect of our club management and billing for efficiency, accuracy and real-time reporting.

Activities (personal training, tanning, message, and tennis lessons) and classes (Yoga, Spin, Pilates) are easily entered into the scheduler, and give administrators and staff multiple views into each.

  • Integrated with Series Sales and Member Manager
  • Manage and track classes
  • Create automatic wait lists
  • Reporting on staff commissions
  • Run reports on specific days, times, locations and instructors
  • Manage resources and equipment
  • Track (non)attendance for activities and classes

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