Locker Management

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—Jerry Brunetto
American Women Fitness Centers, Westwood, NJ

Locker Software

— Flexible locker room inventory, set-up, assignment, and laundry service – all fully integrated into billing.

Our locker manager integrates with our point-of-sale to track rentals of lockers and offer your members and staff peace of mind. The rentals of each item will automatically reduce on-hand quantity and manage all costs and services related to the locker room experience.

  • Locker Contract Wizard — for easy set up and assignment of free or recurring fee lockers.
  • Complete inventory management — including daily assignment of full, half and cubby lockers.
  • Flexible lock control — attach lock combinations to your lockers if they are integrated, or have a complete inventory of external locks with combinations.
  • Towel and laundry service — create an additional revenue stream by offering towel and laundry service to your members.
  • Total Account Control — to easily set-up service cancelations and freezes including automatically triggered fees.

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