Complete Reporting

Start QuoteOur commitment to providing a personal and interactive experience for our members both within our clubs and in other parts of their lives will be enhanced through the use Motionsoft’s innovative suite of technologies.End Quote

—Pat Cunningham
Chicago Athletic Clubs, Chicago, IL

For your operational people who need actionable reports to operate the business.

Motionsoft business management software comes with over 250 pre-designed templates and unlimited custom reporting capabilities.

Run reports on every facet of your business from member birthday’s to staff commissions, and inventory management. Vital information is tracked in the system for reporting back to you in a summarized or detailed presentation. Reports can be generated for any field or record in the system and can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and many other formats.

  • Create custom reports or alter an existing report with Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Export into any format (PDF. Excel, Word)
  • Reports can be scaled up or down according to personal preferences
  • Integration with Accounting
  • Archive, share and categorize any report
  • Print directly to mailing labels
  • Fully integrated with email and Office for mail merges
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