4 Criteria for Selecting the Best Club Management Software

Club Management Software Solution Assessments

Every club management software platform is unique.  Before you begin to evaluate the best gym management software solution for your club, it’s important to first become aware of what your fitness business needs are today from a software platform functionality perspective as well as considering what your member, staff, and operational needs may be in five or more years.

To help you get started, here’s a list of four important selection criteria for choosing the best gym management software:

  1. Features. Some functionality is universal for all club management software solutions (such as Check-In Software), while others may be more advanced (such an application programming interface or API). Start by determining the features your club must have now as well as future functionality you’ll need your club software to support then begin the process of evaluating each solution and pay attention to how each vendor’s features fit with your criteria.
  2. Ease of use. This is so important to keep staff efficiency in mind especially when you begin to think about how using the best club management software solution for your club will impact your operations.  As you evaluate features, determining how they fit with your current processes from sales, front desk, kids club, finance and accounts receivable, general managers, and the members themselves. In order to evaluate how easy the software fits into your operations, you may want to make out use cases for each of the core user groups at your club so that you can drill down into how easy a tool is to use for each user group like front desk staff.
  3. Ease of Integration.  Start by comparing systems that have features or tools you’re already using built in to their software so that you spend less time and money on special configurations and customizations.  There is a balancing act here as well since some club view the best choice the most cost-effective choice.  The rule of thumb here is to keep costs down by selecting a software solution that has the tools your club needs now “out-of-the-box” and a vendor with a solution that has the extendability to plug-in tools you’ll need in the future.
  4. Training and Support. When implementing a new club management platform, training is vital. With so many different types of users to train, you’ll want to be sure every staff member of your club is included in the training plan so that everyone understands how to use your new software platform including a plan for onboarding new employees. Of course, ongoing support is critical. Be sure to learn how support is charged and the hours of operation.

We hope these four criteria help you find the best club management software for your health club.

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