With Motionsoft, you'll have the real-time member and financial data you need to make the best decisions for your business.


Motionsoft's SaaS-based platform, integrated payment processor and easy-to-use interface give you immediate access to the data that matters most for your business, helping you get, know and keep your members.

True SaaS-Based Platform

We were the first gym software company to introduce the SaaS (software as a service) delivery model so that club operators could gain the information necessary to deepen their member relationships to improve retention. Access all of your real-time financial and member data at any time, from anywhere.

Integrated Payment Processor

Partner with the industry’s most secure payment processor (us!) to grow and protect your business. Motionsoft’s secure, PCI-certified payment processing system is fully integrated into your system, proving you with up-to-the-minute financial data. You'll quickly know when a member is not in good standing, any payment declines (and the reason for the decline), and how much money you have collected.

Staff + Member-Friendly Interface for Account Management, Check-Ins, Schedules & Payments

Our user-friendly platform and interface was designed to save you time! You'll spend less time training staff, and better yet, members can easily manage their account themselves, preventing you and your team from spending time on unnecessary administrative tasks.


Already have a billing company? See how our data conversion software makes it quick and painless.