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Motionsoft Data Security Certifications

Motionsoft maintains HIPPA, PCI, and SOC1 certifications and compliance.

Motionsoft’s most recent PCI certification from ControlCase was award on May 31, 2018. Our PCI certification is scheduled for renewal on May 31, 2019. You can view our certification here.

In addition to our HIPPA compliance and PCI certification, Motionsoft was the first technology company in the fitness industry to secure SOC1 Compliance (formerly SAS 70). The driver for obtaining SOC1 (SSAE 16 Report) Certification was due to increased regulatory oversight of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Today, Motionsoft is one of a handful of technology firms with SOC1 (SSAE 16 Report) Certification.

We’ll Sign Your Business Associate Agreement

It’s what makes Motionsoft standout from other providers. In fact, we’ve signed over 300 BAA’s with some of the largest and most respected hospital-based fitness and wellness centers in North America including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Medical, and Akron General. As a hospital administrator, you know there is so much more to HIPAA compliance than encrypting data. That’s why Motionsoft works with your legal and finance teams to ensure a data control process that protects patient health information.

Physician Referral Service

Hospital wellness centers rely on physician referrals as a key component of member volume growth. Motionsoft’s wellness and fitness center software facilitates physician referral tracking so that wellness center administrators can cultivate relationships with physicians to create a robust and reliable referral program.  Regardless of the outreach strategy hospital wellness centers pursue, Motionsoft’s physician referral tracking service will help your wellness and fitness center to succeed in attracting physician referrals.

Industrial and Sports Medicine Rehab

If your physical therapy business is focused on the rehabilitation of sports and industrial injuries, Motionsoft’s comprehensive wellness center software can provide your team with superior operational, financial, and member management tools to support your centers’ growth while promoting and preserving the health and wellbeing of your members. With Motionsoft software your center can:

  • Manage and track patient therapy appointments
  • Track rehabilitative program participation
  • Evaluate staff and therapist productivity
  • Run reports by day, time, location, therapist
  • Manage multiple facilities with a single database of report


Why Motionsoft?

Doug Ribley Senior Vice President, Health & Wellness Services Akron General Health & Wellness CentersThe impact that an integrated software and billing system from Motionsoft has had on our Wellness Centers combined with their extensible API ecosystem has brought our facility to life and empowered our staff to connect and nurture our patients’ health and the physicians that care for them in meaningful ways.

Doug Ribley
Senior Vice President, Health & Wellness Services
Akron General Health & Wellness Center



API Ecosystem

Interested in connecting your hospital wellness center software to your patience information system?  No problem.  From SalesForce to Matrix, Motionsoft’s application programming interface or API allows third-party systems to be fully integrated with Motionsoft’s membership data and billing processes in real-time. Fully configurable data extracts provide complete batch data output to feed a wide variety of corporate systems such as general ledger, payroll, and many others.  With Motionsoft’s API platform, your center can customize your software platform with algorithms and resources to create new services while improving patient experience and evolving your center’s application strategy.


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Motionsoft's Hospital Wellness Center Software Sales Team

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