Your Aquatic Center Is No Small Business

In fact, it’s a beast to manage, and you are drowning in paperwork. You are the boss of your swim center, so why not to implement professional and affordable pool management software designed for the most efficient aquatic clubs in the country?

Reporting Tools That Will Make Waves At Your Swim Club

Indoor and outdoor pool managers are disrupting the status quo and joining the nation’s best aquatic centers with stellar reporting. Motionsoft pool management software offers over 150 extensive reports based on information that’s important to your pool.

Software Built for High Traffic Community Center and Rec Center Pools

It doesn’t matter what type of pool – outdoor or indoor pool – you operate. Parks and Recreation Departments from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO need to quickly create reports of membership renewals, lifeguard hours, registrations, POS reports, and payments.

Motionsoft offers the reporting flexibility your public pool needs to stay efficient. If you like grid reports – you got it! If you prefer table style charts – you can have that too.

All reports are delivered in summarized or detailed presentations with more than 250 pre-designed templates to choose from. The reports are fully customizable and can be emailed in either Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format.

A Check-In Process That Members Will Love

 Time is of the essence at private swim clubs. The check-in process needs to be seamless so members can jump right into their lane. Motionsoft puts everything you need to manage your members on one simple screen.

Visit history, past payments, and memberships in seconds. Motionsoft is integrated, connected, and what your members expect from a state-of-the-art aquatic center.

When it comes to member check-ins, Motionsoft rolls out:

  • Easy-to-see graphics, oversized fonts, and audio cues
  • Alerts for important account updates or past-due fees
  • Synchronized information across system and locations
  • Simultaneous family member check-ins
  • Key-tag, card readers, RFID or biometric door and turnstile control


Your Scheduling Software Gets Props From Your Staff

You are the pool club manager everyone loves. Why? You make work easy for your staff. You have replaced dated pool club scheduling tools (pen and paper) with software that allows your team to easily:

  • Schedule swim classes
  • Manage lane usage
  • Manage members, coaches, parents, and admin records
  • Manage facility and lane rentals
  • Manage pool resources and equipment
  • Track non-attendance for activities and classes
  • View membership levels and discounts

Online Scheduling That Is Strokes Ahead

Think of your pool as the Uber and Amazon of swimming. Your leadership skills have led to an up-to-date and connected pool that members adore. Pool club members from the Northeast, Southwest, and everywhere in between want the ability to schedule their swim times online. With Motionsoft, members can also:

  • Buy or update their pool membership
  • View lane availability
  • Schedule lessons via desktop or mobile browsers
  • View adult swim times
  • Receive a lesson confirmation
  • Set up private swim events