Our locker management software integrates with our gym POS system so that you can track rentals of lockers and offer your members and staff peace of mind.


With smart locker management software and access control, Motionsoft provides flexible locker room inventory management, set-up, assignment, and laundry service that all fully integrated into your billing gateway.

The rentals of each item will automatically reduce to reflect on-hand availability and manage all costs and services related to the locker room experience.


  • Locker Contract Wizard — for easy setup and assignment of free or recurring fee lockers.
  • Complete inventory management — including daily assignment of full, half and cubby lockers.
  • Flexible lock control — attach lock combinations to your lockers if they are integrated, or have a complete inventory of external locks with combinations.
  • Towel and laundry service — create an additional revenue stream by offering towel and laundry service to your members.
  • Total account control — to easily set-up service cancellations and freezes including automatically triggered fees.


“Our commitment to providing a personal and interactive experience for our members both within our clubs and in other parts of their lives will be enhanced through the use Motionsoft’s innovative suite of technologies.”

Pat Cunningham
Chicago Athletic Clubs
Chicago, IL

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