Get the most out of your software and billing with Moso University — our live web and in-person training.


In person or over the web, our training sessions are personalized so that you get the most out of your club software and billing.

Moso University’s interactive hands-on training works around your schedule and budget to get you and your staff started right. We train whoever you want – one-on-one sessions to group events – whenever you want – via the web, or in person – wherever you want – onsite at your offices or in our training classroom.

“You play how you practice”. We train you with your own data to provide real understanding of how our programs manage your specific operations. It’s also another way we validate your data.


  • Web training — Our web training for new and existing clients is a simple, convenient cost-effective way to get a live tutorial from our training experts. Our trainers can work one-to-one or with a large group, and we can do multiple sessions so you don’t have to dedicate your entire staff at the same time.Your staff will interface with their own PCs, at their normal stations, as our web training expert guides them through the ins and outs of the Motionsoft system to have them comfortably working as soon as possible.
  • In-person training — Whether in our classroom facility or at your offices, our onsite training option offers an intimate, and hands-on immersion in the Motionsoft system. Structured like a fun and fast paced educational seminar, we create an agenda that helps you maximize your time with us, and helps you maximize your staffs engagement with our software and billing. Our two- or three-day courses cover our entire suite of applications! Our classroom facility is in our office in Silver Spring, MD, located minutes from downtown Washington, DC.

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