PEBCAK Fitness Dilemma

Is member experience becoming lost to the technology innovation wave in the fitness industry? Dr. Paul Bedford thinks so. In his May 3rd newsletter delivered via email, Dr. Bedford’s article The other SaaS Model – Software as a Solution outlined a number of key points club operators can use to “truly maximize the software” they | Read More

The Question Your Club Needs to Answer

I am always astounded when I hear about the amount of money clubs spend on sales and marketing as a percentage of revenue compared to what clubs spend on management systems and tools that actually help to keep those hard earned dollars from walking out the door a few months later. Now, many of you | Read More

Payment Processing Insights: The Hidden Impact of Your Processor Is Killing Your Business

  Is your payment processor charging you hidden fees? An insightful Powerpoint presentation delivered by Al Noshirvani, CEO of Motionsoft, during IHRSA 2015 reveals unscrupulous business practices by payment processors in the health and fitness industry as well as tips and fee rates your gym or fitness center to avoid paying hidden fees and negative social media and search engine reviews | Read More

Ten Health and Fitness Technology Innovations

As a gym software vendor in the active lifestyle industry, Motionsoft comes across hundreds of start ups and well-established companies with innovative products and services designed to help enhance members’ fitness club and gym experience. Our executive team has compiled a Top 10 list of technologies in the fitness industry you may want to consider | Read More

Happy Holidays from Motionsoft

Just a quick note to say thank you from our staff to you and your teams for your continued support. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015! We’ll return to publishing on January 5, 2015.  

Motionsoft Corporate Milestones

Motionsoft company milestones spanning funding sources and success stories going back to 1985 when Karch International (KI) was founded to the first Technology Summit in 2014.

Battle of the Bulge In Low Cost Club Business Models

In the latest consolidation of the fitness industry, 24 Hour Fitness acquired most of the remaining Bally Total Fitness (BTF) clubs. It’s been a long and winding road for BTF; acquisitions, public filings, de-listing’s, multiple bankruptcies and countless CEO’s. The BTF story was tailor made for a B-School text book case on how NOT to | Read More

Greed, Scams & Scoundrels Fleecing Fitness Centers

As a software provider to fitness clubs, our company has seen its fair share of tricks that are initiated by unscrupulous employees trying to make an extra buck at their facility when no one is looking. As part of our goal to educate the health and fitness industry about the many ways that gyms and | Read More