It’s Monday, and you want to get the week started off on the right foot with a morning workout. You make the trek to the gym, knowing you only have time for a 30 minute session before heading out to work. As usual, you reach for your gym pass to check in when you are suddenly stopped by the front desk associate, who informs you that your account is past due and the card on file needs to be updated. Unfortunately, you’ve left your wallet in the car and have to spend valuable time locating it and updating your information at the front desk, which ultimately ruins your workout.

This scenario happens all too often and is one of the top complaints members have when disputing balances. One reason this occurs is because members aren’t being informed that their information is expired and are still granted access to the facilities. When a member is finally stopped, they are now frustrated that their precious time is being utilized to update information instead of working out.

As our culture becomes more fast paced and mobile oriented, members are looking for streamlined access to their workouts with less hassle on their way in. So how do we fix this? How do we provide the best member experience with minimal distractions from the moment they walk through the door?

With experience as a health club Front Desk Associate,  Assistant General Manager and now Call Center Associate, I’ve realized the importance of the member experience through interacting with members directly on a daily basis. We as operators need to Anticipate the member’s needs, Create an easy simple solution to the member’s concerns, and Complete the process seamlessly, leaving the member feeling cared for.

Now that collecting data is more convenient than ever and technology allows us to communicate with members better than before, we should be able to meet each of our member’s needs with ease. These needs include notification of past due balances and membership expirations, offers for membership renewal  and even letting them know of changed gym hours or class instructor substitutions.

Members want to be in the know before walking into the gym. No one wants their workout plan derailed over something that could have been easily communicated beforehand. A member should be able to walk through your doors confidently knowing that they have zero account issues as they head into their workout. They should be able to check in and continue forward without hearing the dreadful, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, “sir/ma’am” shout. Having this mindset allows front desk staff to focus more on providing great customer service instead of having to be on the lookout for account issues. 

Now that data reporting is easily accessible, it is our duty to take advantage of it to provide the best member experience possible. Remember to  Anticipate your members needs both inside and outside of  the gym through reporting, Create a simple solution with automated communication, and Complete the process when they arrive in-house with great customer service. 

Juan Cruz, Call Center Associate, Motionsoft Full Service Support