6 Steps You Must Take Before Interviewing Your Next Club Management Software Vendor

Best Club Management Software Checklist



How do you select the best club management software tool for your club?  Three things to take into consideration:

  • Startup costs or software migration fees skew software decision-making perceptions as operations costs for a club rather than an investment that can generate returns.
  • Certain intangibles as the value of member data and how to leverage that information is seldom considered during the selection process for the best club management software for a club.
  • Club management software buyers are sometimes not as well informed as they need to be when making decisions that will broadly impact their business.

The good news is there are three simple steps club operators can follow as a guide to help them become better-informed technology buyers of club management software solutions.

These steps include:

  1. Identifying your near term and long term needs because they will change over time.
  2. Identifying the data your business “must have” vs. would “love to have.”
  3. Be prepared to make business process changes to accommodate your new software.

Selecting the best club management software platform for your business is one of the most important decisions that you and your staff may ever make in the evolution of your club.

Review this industry guide on how to select the best club management software from IHRSA Innovation and Technology Board Member Al Noshirvani and get a request for proposal (RFP) template you can use to assess vendors on an equal basis.