beer yoga classes near me

The technical aspects of how to hold a downward dog pose with a cold brewsky in one hand isn’t likely to be addressed during the 4th annual Motionsoft Technology Summit but that’s never stopped us before from taking risks.  So today we’re excited to announce that our World Famous Networking Reception that kicks off the Technology Summit on Monday, September 11th will include a beer yoga class that will be led by “beer yogi” Al Noshirvani.

I’m serious and so is the new fitness craze Beer Yoga ( is the brand who you can thank for this new studio-in-a-beer-garden concept).  BierYoga started in Berlin, Germany (Surprise – German’s drink on average 300 to 320 beers each year).  Today, gyms across Austrailia and Thailand (again not kidding but they must love beer and yoga) are offering classes.

Fitness professionals (dudes that sit across from me in the office) told me to proceed with caution when considering Beer Yoga.  “You don’t want to spill beer on lycra so take it slow.  Those plastic polyurethane fibers can’t handle the hops.”