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Hoteliers Comb the Ranks of Tech Workers to Gain an Edge

More than ever, guests look to their phones and computers to research, book, stay in and communicate with hotels. That translates to critical technology needs in information security, mobile development and systems integration.

Inside hotel operations, data analysis can help find new customers, make a dining room more profitable or provide information to executives making business decisions.

Kate Walsh, interim dean of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell, says she is seeing more companies coming on campus to hire students who are specializing in areas like digital marketing and business analytics. “They want foodies who code,” she said.

Interview with Bill McBride about Fitness Delivery

The true power of group fitness is often discussed and most people “get it”, but it hasn’t been truly leveraged as of yet. Think for example of “Debbie’s Class” – Debbie is a member. Why not have a class just for Debbie and her friends? Why not personalize group fitness further? This could be done with school mom groups, civic groups (Girl Scouts), and neighborhood friends that walk together, etc. Personalizing group fitness is rarely approached in this way. Approximately 44 percent of club members exercise with a friend. There is an opportunity there.

Are We Asking the Right Question

I read an interesting article on Zite last week from Business Insider that highlighted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ advice for anyone running a business. The advice was simple yet profound, even brilliant.
Zite is an Internet news aggregation site that allows you to set your topics and have a daily news magazine on your device based on your preferences. The Mobile App allows you to read more content in a shorter amount of time than would ever be possible through single source media. And, the content is relevant to your interests.