PickUp USA Fitness Basketball

Who wants to play ball tonight?  

PickUp USA Fitness, the first and only basketball-focused fitness club concept operating in the United States, is ready to answer the call with four franchise locations operating in Arizona, California, Texas, and Virginia.

In fact, you’ll likely to see many more sport-focus fitness club-within-a-club and standalone business concepts.

With over 23 million people per year participating in basketball activities in the United States (data from Statista) a market that is nearly six times the size of participants that attended a gymnastic center during the same period, PickUp USA Fitness may be on to something.

In 2017, I believe we’re going to see more sports-focus fitness business models that tap into the core underlying value of group fitness classes: shared passions among participants and the potential for deep community-driven member engagement.

Here’s what I like:

  • Minimal inventory management which translates into ease of operation.
  • Diverse revenue streams (think renting out the facility for birthday parties and PT)
  • Community engagement and shared affinities equals longer lifetime value and lower attrition rates
  • Traditional gym equipment offerings including a weight room

Pickup USA Fitness Gym FloorYou learn more about franchise opportunities by visiting the site or calling 800-584-9507


Pickup USA Fitness Gym Floor