Cavan Canavan, CEO + Co-Founder, FocusMotion

One of the most popular presenters at the Motionsoft Technology Summit was Cavan Canavan, CEO + Founder, FocusMotion.

And for good reason.

FocusMotion is the world’s first machine learning SDK to track, learn, and analyze human motion on any sensor, on any OS, on any platform.  Seeing FocusMotion in action is inspiring and reminds me why the fitness industry is so exciting and full of endless possibilities!

Funny story — FocusMotion works so well that Cavan hesitates before asking people to tell him how many pushups or bicep curls with a twist to do during a demonstration because inevitably people can’t believe their eyes and end up requesting a massive number of reps like “let me see you do 47 pushups.” For Cavan, the 47 pushups isn’t the problem.  The challenge is doing 47 pushups during a short live demonstration while still explaining how FocusMotion works as he’s doing 47 pushups. Note: I only asked him to do 32 pushups the first time we met at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC16).

Download FocusMotion’s Demo at Motionsoft Technology Summit with Cavan’s vision of advanced movement intelligence tracking now.


Cavan Canavan, CEO, FocusMotion

Cavan Canavan, CEO, FocusMotion demonstrating


Cavan Canavan, CEO, FocusMotion

Cavan Canavan, CEO, FocusMotion. FocusMotion was one of three Innovative Tech Startups in Fitness that presented at the Technology Summit.