April 1, 2016 – Rockville, MD – In a continued effort to make its iconic software solution more user friendly, Motionsoft announced the release Friday of the world’s first soft technology software solution for the health and fitness industry, the SOFTER Soft Software line. SOFTER Soft Software or S-cube is the ultimate club management software companion for the modern front desk staffer.

Building on industry expertise the firm has already displayed with its Plush series, Motionsoft is taking its commitment to softness all the way to the clouds – literally.  SOFTER Soft Software is made with patented softness, making it softer than any other software in the world.  S-cube’s cloud-soft solution will be soft launched starting today. Clients can simply look to the clouds to activate their new software.

“You try holding a badge scanner all day,” expressed one callused staffer, stressing that a lot of the men who work at health clubs just aren’t that tough. “People are going to use SOFTER, because it’s so soft. I don’t know why they didn’t invent this thing sooner. You can feel it on the screen when you touch stuff. It’s really mind blowing.”

“Our customers were asking for a softer software experience. Normally, we’d just ignore them,” expressed Clou Dsoft, director of Plush and lead developer of SOFTER Soft, adding SOFTER is really similar to dryer sheets. “We don’t use a dryer sheet, a dryer or even do laundry at work cause we’re not allowed to do laundry at work. Anyway, you know what I mean, right? Basically, we stole the idea from Bounce.”

With SOFTER Soft, Motionsoft has renewed it focus on functionality and user experience. The product evolution started with clients asking the Support team about softer software. “Then they wanted “freshness” but we haven’t found a developer who codes in J-Fresh,” shared Ms. Dsoft. “Gyms can smell funny sometimes so the freshness angle really played well in our focus group research. Guess what they want now? Static control.”

About Motionsoft

Founded in 1985, Motionsoft is the leader in software and solutions for consumer-based businesses, including gyms and fitness clubs, corporate fitness facilities and, hospital and universities. Motionsoft’s comprehensive software solutions are used by more than 2,500 innovative businesses that require technology-driven member, facility and payment processing. Motionsoft’s software suite includes MoSo™, an enterprise software solution designed for large fitness operators and MoSoClub™, a club management software solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Our integrated gateway for payment processing, MoSoPay™, processes $2.5 billion annually through our software offerings while supporting over 5 million gym memberships in the U.S. and Canada. Motionsoft Full Service™ is the fitness industry’s most powerful member services and accounts receivable solution that helps clubs keep their past due members active while getting member accounts current. Motionsoft is also the host of the annual Motionsoft Technology Summit. You can learn more about Motionsoft by visiting https://www.motionsoft.net.

*If you know a developer who codes in J-Fresh, please make sure you smile when you say Happy April Fools’ Day! #aprilfools #motionsoft #softersoft