Motionsoft Technology Summit Education Series

Fitness Industry Education

Over 400 fitness professionals participated in 12 information-rich webinars during Motionsoft’s 2015 Technology Summit Fitness Industry Education Series.

On behalf of Motionsoft, we want to thank MYZONE, Visual Fitness Planner, h2 wellness, Reunify, MyBodyScore, Kineviz, Clarabridge, Retention Guru, Netpulse, Under Armour Connected Fitness, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, and Johnson Health Tech. Co. LTD. for making the webinar series an enormous success.

Ready to watch a webinar session tailored to the fitness industry?  Click on one of the presenter images below to watch their session and download presentation slides.

Physical Activity
fitness industry education with Mike Leveque
Mike Leveque, COO, MYZONE
Sales Automation and Analytics

Daron Allen, President and CEO, Visual Fitness Planner
Connected Health and Member Engagement

Retention and Customer Engagement

Jafar Adibi, Chief Scientist, Reunify


Convergence of Wellness, Fitness and Healthcare

Tim Davenport, CEO, MyBodyScore


Data Visualization and Analytics

Weidong Yang, CEO, Kineviz


Experience Management

Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge

Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge



fitness industry education with Dr. Paul Bedford

Dr. Paul Bedford, Principle, Retention Guru


Mobile Strategy

Greg Skloot, VP of Growth, Netpulse


Digital Marketing and Partnerships

Bill Besselman, VP of Integration and Digital Strategy, Under Armour Connected Fitness


Privacy and Data Security

Jill Thorpe, Partner, Healthcare Division Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Jill Thorpe, Partner, Healthcare Division, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP


Connected Fitness

Andrew Kolman, Director of Product Development, Johnson Health Tech. Co. LTD.