Bill Besselman, Under Armour

Bill Besselman’s keynote wowed the Motionsoft Technology Summit audience with innovative strategic views all focused on the voice of the customer.  His five key Summit takeaways as VP of Integration and Digital Strategy, include:

1. Digital – desktop, mobile, apps, and more – is your friend, it can help accelerate your business on multiple fronts, but you have to embrace it and put it to work for you, your business, and your customers.

2. The world is changing quickly (and its not waiting for any of us), so partners/partnerships are going to be even more critical to success in the future – they will allow all of us to explore more options at a higher pace so we can identify the best opportunity for each of us.

3. Know what role and value you create in the marketplace AND leverage the H**L out of it (I stole this from someone else at the event – I think it is such a great insight).

4. Give back to your customers – the best way to create loyalty in an ever-changing world is to really help people achieve their goals (the reason they signed up for your club/service in the first place)…as long as you give them goal achievement, they will give you their continued patronage.

5. Build a great team – none of the above 4 can be achieved without a great team around you, so always start w the guys/gals that you bring onto your team.