Motionsoft seeks your support to petition The Obama Administration to protect consumers and end payment processing and collection abuses in the health and fitness industry. The petition was published on The White House’s We the People platform.

 The petition reads:

In signing this petition, I am urging the President to protect consumers and end payment processing and collection abuses in the gym and health club billing industry by third-party billing firms. Across the country, consumers who are making healthy lifestyle choices by exercising are being punished by abusive business practices that include a mix of unfair and unethical transaction processes including hidden fees, continuing to charge customers late fees and dues after a gym or health club goes out of business, charging consumers credit card decline fees when a card is lost or stolen and abusive service charges including yearly management fees. Do not allow these firms to continue to negatively impact the health and fitness industry.

“Unethical, unfair and hidden business policies and procedures by third-party collection firms impact the reputation of the fitness industry, individual gyms and fitness centers, and drive consumers away from exercise and healthy living choices. Its time for the industry to send a clear message to these firms that these abusive business practices must stop. I strongly urge everyone in the health and fitness industry to sign this petition end payment processing abuse,” expressed Al Noshirvani, CEO of Motionsoft.

100,000 signatures are needed by February 27, 2015 in order for the Obama Administration to respond to the petition.