Circuit Blog has been rewired to address business industry challenges spanning payments, retention, technology, business intelligence and marketing in the health and fitness industry.

In addition to staff articles, Circuit Blog welcomes article submissions and guest posts by industry and subject matter experts. Simply email Jennifer Field at jfield (@) motionsoft (dot-net).

Our goal is to publish daily with tips, insights and recommendations rather than product or service promotions Monday through Fridays. You may even find us commenting or posting over the weekend too. Our goal is to inform and instruct with content tailored to owners and operators, VPs of IT, directors and VPs of retention and member acquisition, and data analysts at gyms and fitness centers.

In terms of blog topic themes, Circuit Blog editorial model will follow core themes on specific days of the week, including:

  • Data Conversion on Monday
  • Online Services on Tuesday
  • Club Management on Wednesday
  • Billing & Finance on Thursday
  • Business Intelligence on Friday

You can expect video interviews, blog series on special topics, surveys and research, presentations, industry trends and resources, guest posts and checklists among many others. You can also sign up for email alerts.

So let’s get started. I’m looking forward to reading your comments and feedback.

Welcome to Circuit Blog!

Al Noshirvani