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InTouch Follow-Up Integrates with Motionsoft to Provide Health Clubs with Seamless, End-to-End Lead and Member Management Solutions

InTouch Follow-Up Integrates with Motionsoft to Provide Health Clubs with Seamless, End-to-End Lead and Member Management Solutions

Vancouver, BC – October 15, 2014

InTouch Technology, provider of health club sales and retention software, today announced that InTouch Follow-Up is now integrated with Motionsoft’s fitness club membership software. The new integration allows health clubs to choose separate best-of-breed software solutions to manage their sales efforts and club operations and have them work as seamlessly as a single solution.

By integrating InTouch Follow-Up and Motionsoft, leads that are added to or updated in InTouch Follow-Up will also be added and updated in Motionsoft, in real time. By reducing data entry and improving lead accuracy, the integration feature makes it easier than ever for Motionsoft customers to use InTouch Follow-Up for lead generation, sales growth and member retention.

“Developing and strengthening our partnerships is a large focus for InTouch Technology. We are always looking for ways to improve our software solution and believe that giving customers an elegant way to share information between their sales software and club management software strengthens our customers’ adoption of technology and helps them achieve quicker results,” explains Dag Lee, Director, InTouch Technology Inc.

“We partnered with InTouch because we wanted to give our customers and the industry a tool that will help increase the acquisition of new members” said EVP Bob Skinner. “However, this partnership goes beyond customer acquisition. By getting more people into health clubs were contributing to a healthier nation.”

While InTouch Follow-Up’s existing integration with Motionsoft’s e-Club software continues to automatically add leads to e-Club after they’ve been entered into InTouch Follow-Up, this is just the first phase of integration between InTouch Follow-Up and MoSo. The two companies plan to continue to enhance the integration as time goes on to make it even more streamlined for health clubs that choose to use InTouch Follow-Up for lead and member communication and MoSo for member billing and management.


About InTouch Technology

InTouch Technology is the provider of InTouch Follow-Up health club sales and retention software. InTouch Follow-Up helps health clubs capture all their leads and proactively communicate with them so they sell more memberships and personal training. Clubs define their own lead and member follow-up to fit their own sales process. All sales activities are tracked in InTouch Follow-Up so owners and managers can hold staff accountable. Over 900 health clubs in 17 countries use InTouch Follow-Up to drive their revenue by increasing membership sales and member retention. For more information, please visit

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Motionsoft’s software and services redefine health club management. MoSo enables fitness operators to Get, Keep and Know their members better with forward-thinking member, facility and payment management technologies. As the premier health and wellness software pioneer, Motionsoft services commercial gyms, corporations, universities and hospitals. Motionsoft has recently added some of the fitness industry’s preeminent operations including Town Sports International, Equinox and Active Sports Clubs.

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