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Club Industry Show 2017

Club Industry Show 2017

October 4 – 6th, 2017 | Chicago, IL | Hilton Chicago

Motionsoft was the premier sponsor for 2017 Club Industry Show as well as the lead sponsor for the Technology Track that included presentations from:

  • Adam Zeitsiff, CIO, Gold’s Gym
  • Adam Podber, Senior Director of Technology, Blink Fitness
  • Garrett Borunda, Director of Member Technologies, 24 Hour Fitness
  • Dan Cath, Partnership Lead, Reserve with Google

These sessions were moderated by Todd Tweedy, Vice President of Marketing, Motionsoft and the co-host and producer for the Motionsoft Technology Summit.

Tips on How to Avoid Making Bad Tech Investments

Adam Zeitsiff, CIO, Gold’s Gym
Fitness technologies are empowering club professionals to streamline operations and improve member experiences to boost club retention. The challenge for clubs professionals is choosing the right technologies to leverage from a vast pool solutions and providers. Join fitness tech leader Adam Zeitsiff, CIO, Gold’s Gym as he guides attendees on his approach to technology investments in the fitness industry. This is your chance to have a senior technologist answer your questions on how to use technology to facilitate member experiences.

Member Data: The New Currency for Club Operators

Garrett Borunda, Director of Member Technologies, 24 Hour Fitness
How do clubs effectively adapt to technology changes? The answer is member data. Join us for a lively exchange with Garrett Borunda, Director of Member Technologies, 24 Hour Fitness as we explore the business value of member data and how technology has introduced new channels by which to communicate with and learn from members. Garrett will also share his experience working at Apple and how technology can be leveraged to drive operational efficiency that can be translated into better member experiences.

Building Your Member Experience with Data Insights + Analytics

Adam Podber, Senior Director of Technology, Blink Fitness
Join technology thought leader Adam Podber, Senior Director of Technology, Blink Fitness as we explore guest experience parallels from the hospitality industry and dive into how club operators can use data to mirror how well-run hotels are using technology to enhance and deepen guests experiences. This session will also address:

I. How should clubs deploy and measure the effectiveness of awareness bolstering personal touches in the club?
II. With the adoption of wellness technologies in the hotel space serving the wellness needs of traveler, how should the fitness industry augment our spaces using technology to provide meaningful member experiences for gym goers?

How Online Bookings Are Changing the Health Club World

Dan Cath, Partnerships Lead, Reserve with Google
Dan Cath is partnerships lead for Reserve with Google. He graduated from Skidmore College in 2003 with a degree in business and marketing, and has worked with hundreds of small, medium and large businesses and developers in a variety of disciplines. Following an early career in automotive shop management software, Cath worked at Google in the early days of AdWords and AdSense on a variety of special projects, including Ad Review tools and early audience-based marketing segmentation. Cath has helped evolve Google Maps by working with data and technology companies, including launching Hotel Ads, and pushed the limits of precise-location mobile experiences on Android and iOS by working on Google’s BLE Beacon Platform. He has a deep passion for music, guitar, swing dancing, science-fiction, and finding ways to entertain his toddler son.  In September 2017, Dan was the closing keynote for the 4th annual Motionsoft Technology Summit.