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501F1T501FIT Builds Studio Operations with E-Club

501FIT, a single location boutique studio in downtown Minneapolis, opened in January 2008. 501FIT Owner and Operations Director, Diana Broschka, attributes her club’s sustainability and growth during poor economic times to two factors: offering an innovative form of weight lifting using G-Werx™ Gyms and E-Club Logic business tools.


  • G-Werx™ Workout Program management different than other fitness programs
  • Limited startup finances required strict and accurate cash flow management
  • Minimal staff resources made processing efficiency absolutely critical to open club
  • Growing and retaining clients a must from the start, owners needed accurate data


  • Implemented E-Club Logic – Check In, Point of Sale, Billing, Member and Prospect Management, Credit Card Processing, Series Sales, Inventory Management, Reporting, and E-Course Logic


  • Client base has grown from 20 people in January 2008 to over 240 in mid-2011; doubled in size each year
  • Club revenue grew by 53% from year 1 (2008) to end of year 2 (2009) and increased again in year 3 (2010)
  • G-Werx Workout Program sales have accounted for 70+% of revenue with effective systematic management
  • Credit card processing and automated monthly billing has positively influenced timely cash flow needs
  • Point of sale and inventory management, including sales tax reporting, has been burden free for owners
  • System reports, as well as, marketing and email tools have supported growth and timely decision making

In Q4 2011 or Q1 2012, 501FIT plans to extend its use of E-Club by implementing on-line client self service tools.


GymIt opens with myClub portal and no sales team

When Boston club GymIt set out to launch, they knew what they wanted and what they didn’t. They wanted 20-29 year old young, connected professionals. They didn’t want sales people, contracts, or price haggling. Even more challenging, they were missing an important piece of the puzzle – a gym!


  • Doors not yet open
  • Did not want sales people or contract – not a “sales-y environment”
  • Reaching 20-30 year olds
  • Paperless and technologically savvy


  • myClub Online Member Portal
  • Direct mail campaign drove to website
  • Placed iPad kiosks in public areas nearby
  • Placed banners in public areas


  • 99% of sign-ups done online or on kiosk
  • Paid zero commissions
  • Member account profiles were complete before doors even opened

Gold’s Gym returns $24K in lost dues during CX data conversion


  • Current MRM system was unable to support gyms growth
  • Management needed more accessible reporting
  • Uncertain of current MRM’s efficiency and accuracy and unable to verify


  • Convert GGSF to CX software & billing


  • Uncovered $24K in monthly dues that GGSF was losing due to poor MRM administration and management
  • Senior management had direct involvement throughout process so new system was configured to their needs and reflected accuracy of data
  • CX’s reporting system extrapolated data quicker and more reflective of management’s focus
  • New reporting saved time by reducing steps in data mining process.

Starbucks Corporate improves efficiency for employee usage


  • Handling check-in for very small time windows of high traffic
  • Integrating MRM into employee database
  • Charging employees for extra services
  • Managing temp workers, contractors, freelance, retirees & family


  • Implemented eClub software & billing


  • Facility was able to easily handle high volume pre & post work and at lunch
  • Employee usage was tied into payroll
  • Employee charges were transferred directly from compensation
  • Gym membership profiles were updated in real time with employee status

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