Credit Card Automatic Update Service (CCAUS)

Decrease Credit Card Declines and Increase Revenues.

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CCAUS eliminates headaches when a members’ credit card expires or is replaced.

CCAUS automatically updates a members’ new or replacement credit card so there is no need for your staff to track down the members and you don’t experience a disruption in billing.

Maintaining updated payment methods is important to avoiding loss in revenue due to failed payments. Credit cards can become invalid for a number of reasons such as the expiration date has passed. It is equally important to manage credit card updates with as little interruption to the end customer as possible. Motionsoft™ customers who have signed up for the Automatic Account Updater Service can use Motionsoft™ integration to these payment method updater services to retrieve updated Visa, MasterCard and Discover information without ever contacting the Member.

  • Resubmit declines at no cost to you
  • Eliminate the need of your staff to contact members
  • Decrease declines by approximately 15% a month
  • Increase your cash flow


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