Front Desk Check-In Software

Set the Tone for a Satisfying Member Experience with a Well Managed Front Desk Check In Solution

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Front Desk Check-In Software

Fast, reliable and a user-friendly interface. Our front desk check-in solution is so smooth, you’ll want to use it.

Readable fonts, easy-to-see graphics, intuitive design and audio cues. Friendly icons relay important messages about members’ account status and premium services like personal training, locker rentals and kids club. Direct access to members data, point of sale & agreements is just one click away!

Check-in syncs data across the entire system so you can search for members’ profiles across multiple locations without disparate information. Check-in is also fully integrated with Scheduler for class and PT check-in!

front desk check in software

Front Desk Check-In Screen


Front Desk Check-In

Account Notification


Our Club Management software has been designed from the ground-up to help you work smarter and create an interactive and personal fitness experience.

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