Health Club Billing

Our DIY system processes recurring billing on credit card and bank accounts (EFT) and automatically updates member’s credit card info.

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A simple, self-managed system for any gym, health club, and wellness center’s billing needs.

Our Billing (EFT) program lets you handle recurring billing for any type of organization and is fully integrated into our club management software, increasing your revenues and dramatically reducing your decline rate.

Billing (EFT) clients benefit from:

  • No more chasing down expired and declined credit cards. Our industry first Credit Card Automatic Update Service (CCAUS) automatically updates your club management software with new credit card numbers and expiration dates so you no longer have to chase down members to update their credit card information.
  • Quick access to operating funds. We’ll process your drafts and wire remittances into your operating account within 2 banking days.
  • Accept all credit card types – Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover. Process your recurring monthly dues credit card transactions with Motionsoft through our VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover merchant accounts.
  • Man's Hand Giving Credit Card To Clerk In SupermarketSeamless integration with our software; easy-to-generate drafts. Like all of our billing programs, Billing (EFT) interface seamlessly with our membership management software. So, generating your draft is quick and easy – you generate only one file that includes credit card and bank drafts.
  • Secure, PCI-certified transactions, every time. Motionsoft’s systems are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s security specifications. On a quarterly system, our network is regularly tested for vulnerabilities as required. Motionsoft takes your members’ EFT and privacy seriously.
  • No third-party banking software necessary. With our Billing (EFT) program, there’s no integration required with third party software like IC Verify or PC Charge for transmission.
  • Immediate notification of declines. You’ll be notified of any declines within 1 banking day of our receipt of those declines. Declines may continue to come in for up to 10 days, depending on the bank. However, we see the majority of these declines within 3-5 banking days.
  • Declines are automatically processed through the club management software. When you import our return file, the system will automatically update the account to reflect the not-honored payment, and at your discretion, charge a non-payment fee. When we receive change information back from either the member’s bank or credit card company, our system automatically updates your member’s record. No manual work on your part is required.


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