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Data Warehouse advanced reporting & forecasting.

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Our revolutionary Data Warehouse adds a new and advanced dimension to traditional reporting.

Analyze member trends, behavioral patterns & habits and find relationships among the data to make it easy to answer questions that help your business run better.

Data from multiple sources let you answer almost any question on-demand!

  • How can I identify my at-risk members?
  • How did the weather impact my January?
  • What are the best days to run promotions?
  • Who are my most profitable members?
  • What is the profile of my best members?
  • How can I increase member spend?
  • Who are my best employees?
  • How am I comparing to other local business?



navigation_systemLike a Navigation system to get, keep & know your members better & more profitably.

Think of traditional reporting as a map. You can look at a set of data points to guess what would be the best way to get from point A to point B. Now think of Data Warehousing as your car’s internal computer and GPS. It knows how fast you were travelling at every stage of your trip. It knows how many miles you travelled, and how many you have left, and how much time it will take. It has warning lights, and “check” buttons, and even a compass. It doesn’t just report your speed. It tells you everything you need to know about what’s happening, and what will happen with your car. That is a Data Warehouse!


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