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Our Revolutionary Data Warehouse Adds a New & Advanced Dimension to Traditional Reporting.

Analyze member trends, behavioral patterns & habits and find relationships among the data to make it easy to answer questions that help improve your business.

With the powerful data warehouse you can answer almost any question on-demand! 

  • How can I identify my at-risk members?
  • How did the weather impact my January?
  • What are the best days to run promotions?
  • Who are my most profitable members?
  • What is the profile of my best members?
  • How can I increase member spend?
  • Who are my best employees?
  • How am I comparing to other local business?

Take Action

  • Reduce Attrition: Identify which members visit your facility the least, send them an email for a free PT session and reel them back in before they cancel their membership!
  • Save Money: Recognize which inventory items sell the least in your cafe and replace them with more popular items.
  • Increase Sales: Send a referral offers to your most active members. Now they have a gym buddy and you have one more member!
  • Identify Trends: Analyze member activity and assess which times of the month are busiest and which are not. Use this information to implement special offers during less busy months and referral offers during busier months.
  • Track activity: Monitor personal training to ensure less fraudulent activity.
  • And much much more!

Sample Reports:

Membership Risk Drilldown

Membership Risk Drilldown

Membership Roll-Foreward Analysis

Membership Roll-Foreward Analysis

Revenue Analysis

Revenue Analysis

Membership Risk Analysis Report

Membership Risk Analysis Report


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