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Member Management Software

— Online Member Portal & Kiosk

Add online member services, kiosk check-in & social media to your member management software
and integrate your branding & colors with easy-to-use templates.

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  • Book classes & sessions online
  • Issue smartphone or print barcodes
  • Get sign-ups via Facebook & Twitter
  • Enjoy commission-free sales!

Save time & money while giving your members even more! myClub connects to your MRM software, adding functionality to your website to let prospects sign-up online, and giving members complete access to their accounts to make payments, renew memberships, book classes & sessions and update info online or via mobile devices. Plus – be up in just 24 hours! Self-service is the new full service!

Use myClub for your entire website!

myClub integrates with your brand, colors & existing website with easy-to-use custom configurable templates. Oakridge Athletic Club got rid of their old website when they discovered that myClub was a more cost-efficient, easy to update, sales focused solution.

myclub for website
Use myClub in iPad Kiosk at Check-in

Add iPad Kiosks for self-service member check-in

Check-in and service members easily with cool, interactive iPad kiosks. Your members enjoy the power of self-service and you save your staff resources for other tasks.

Use Smartphone & print barcodes for easy sales

Make it easier for members and prospects to get started with your gym experience. myClub alerts your staff when online sign-ups first enter so you can make sure you convert them to sales.

Use Smartphone & print barcodes for easy sales
Bring in members

Bring in members before you even launch!

GymIt launched with 99% of their sign-ups online and on kiosks using direct marketing and well placed signage. They paid zero commissions and were almost full before they even opened! See more in their case study…

Drive members to refer their friends using facebook

To understand how powerful Facebook can be, we created a simple calculator that will show you exactly how to leverage your members and friends so that you can grow your membership. Play around with the numbers to see what effect it will have on your bottom line. There are 6 fields you need to fill in, below is a description of each.

» See Facebook Referral Calculator!

Drive members to refer their friends using facebook

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