Offered for: $495/unit
Regularly: $895/unit
Savings: $400/unit
(45% off)

Expired FMG

Precor StretchTrainer™ 240i *

Expired: Mon, 03/18/2013 11:59 PM ET

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FMG Presents: StretchTrainer

“Touch your toes & count to ten” isn’t enough.
Train your members to stretch the right way.


Stretching is hugely underrated as a great point of engagement with members. Everyone can do it, it makes them feel good, and it lessens the chance that an injury will derail the early part of getting on a program.

GymPlus, it’s a great time for someone from your team to say hi and help someone get excited and ready for their workout.

Now you can add the Precor StretchTrainer 240i for just $495 per unit, a $400 savings off the MSRP ($895/unit). Only through the FMG.

The StretchTrainer improves your flexibility, coordination and overall athletic performance by stretching you properly, before or after a workout. The 240i StretchTrainer™ places you in ergonomically correct stretching positions for maximum benefits, in an effective, seated stretching regimen.

* Offer does not include shipping & taxes. Motionsoft not responsible for injuries or grievances from use of equipment.

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