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Expired FMG

Balanced Halo Bells

Balanced Halo Bells

Expired: Mon, 10/22/2012 11:59 PM ET

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FMG Presents: Balanced Halo Bells

When safer actually looks cooler,
you’re on to something big. Like Halo Bells.

Fitness historians have called The Wrist the forgotten hero in the quest for arm strength. Pianists call it the lead of any performance. And Mr. Miyagi got an almost new fence when Daniel painted using his. The more we lift, curl, press, and wax our cars, the more we demand greatness of our wrists.

But has anyone asked the Wrist whether it’s happy? The folks at Balance did.

And the answer is not just that they are finally happy. Thanks to the Halo Bell, they are now divine and create better tone throughout your arms!

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A complete re-thinking of the classic dumbbell, the Halo Bell converts easily to a barbell and just as quickly to a kettlebell. Instead of placing the weight at either end, the radial design of the d’bell evenly distributes the mass and provides a very balanced movement, reducing torque to the wrist.

Increased safety, incredibly difficult to damage and unprecedented versatility in a beautifully designed 3-1 training product. Not to mention, floor-space saving so it’s great for smaller training areas.

  • Muscle Toning with Smooth Uniform Motion
  • Ergonomic Consumer-Friendly Design-No Sharp Edges
  • Dual Use as Handheld Free Weights, Kettlebells, and Barbell Sets
  • Space saving stand designs Allow for Ready, Rapid AccessFo

Click Buy Now and get 30% off this incredible set!

* FMG offer expires October 22, 2012.Taxes & shipping may be extra. Motionsoft is not liable for any injuries, malfunction or grievance resulting from use of these products.

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