In Person or Over the Web, Our Training Sessions Are Personalized so that
You Get The Most out of Your Club Software and Billing.

Start QuoteAside from the great software and billing, I feel like they have their finger on how technology can help me engage my members better.End Quote

—Derek Sanborn
Lady of Livingston Health & Fitness

Get the most out of your software and billing with Moso University — our live web and in-person training.

Moso University’s interactive hands-on training works around your schedule and budget to get you and your staff started right. We train whoever you want – one-on-one sessions to group events – whenever you want – via the web, or in person – wherever you want – onsite at your offices or in our training classroom.

“You play how you practice”. We train you with your own data to provide real understanding of how our programs manage your specific operations. It’s also another way we validate your data.

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  • In-person training [ More… ]

Our Teachers

Moso University’s trainers aren’t just computer experts. They’ve all worked in gyms and wellness facilities so they understand clubs’ challenges firsthand and speak the same language.

We also take a “train the trainer” approach where someone on your staff becomes a system expert within your organization.

Ongoing Education

Moso University’s continued training ensures that you stay up to speed on the latest enhancements to your Motionsoft system. We train your new hires as they come in, and can also create custom materials to help with the ongoing training of staff.

  • Train with your own data
  • Via web or in-person
  • In our classroom or at your facility
  • All trainers have worked in gyms and clubs

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