Point of Sale Software

for Café and Shop

Start QuoteAs a gym owner, I have to wear many hats; manager, salesperson, payroll, billing, etc. Motionsoft gives me the tools to accomplish these tasks in a very efficient and effective approach so I can actually spend time away from my business.End Quote

—Derek Sanborn
Lady of Livingston Health & Fitness

Point of Sale

— An enhanced cash register and inventory manager with real-time system integration with your gym management software.

The Point-of-Sale screen speeds up purchases for food, products and services and automatically ensures that each transaction is secure, accurate and recorded.

We update the traditional cash register with touch screen compatibility, cashless account charging, and PCI compliant credit card transactions, all integrated in real time to your inventory manager and member’s account.

  • Runs your pro shop, juice bar or café
  • Cashless account charging and branded “Club Bucks” encourage loyalty and spend
  • Full inventory management and reporting
  • Use UPC labels and barcodes for quick-scan stocking
  • End-of-Day processing for accuracy and theft prevention
  • All hardware is included (or use existing hardware)
  • Works with signature capture for receipts

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