Club Management Software

Start QuoteThe past year using Motionsoft made me realize what I have been missing.End Quote

—Keith Hamburg
Gold’s Gym Bozeman, Bozeman, MT

Club Membership Software

Our club management software has a complete Prospect and Member Manager that, in addition to Front Desk Check-In Services, starts your sales process the instant a name is entered into your database in person, over the phone or through myClub online.

PROSPECTS Manager. The FACE Prospect Wizard (Fast, Accurate, Complete and Easy) helps Membership Advisors personalize their sales efforts and take action for successful closings. [ More… ]

MEMBER Manager. Once prospects become members, our ARM Member wizard (Additional Revenue per Member), helps ensure customers stay engaged. [ More… ]

TRACK & SEND emails. Track and send emails to prospects and members for better retention and personalized communication. [ More… ]

AGREEMENT WRITER. Agreement Writer with Signature Capture allows your sales staff to easily create printed membership agreements within the system. [ More… ]

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