Member Account Outreach

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—Keith Hamburg
Gold’s Gym Bozeman, Bozeman, MT

Save money and get more out of your current staff by not wasting time dialing out to members who aren’t there.

For facilities that are looking to bring in an extra pair of hands and maximize revenue, Motionsoft’s B.O.S.S. (Back Office Support Services) program leverages consumer friendly technology for more efficient, more successful, and less expensive member account outreach.


APC (Automated Phone Calls) — For clubs that want a simple tool that will help in collecting more of your money, our APC system is inexpensive and effective. Automatically remind members of account concerns or communicate marketing messages with our automated phone alerts.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) — For owners who want to have a more personal touch our IVR systems will auto-dial, and as soon as your member picks up the phone, they can choose to be connected with a live-person. The perfect solution for owners who are looking to create an intimate member experience.
AEG (Automated Email Generator) — For facilities that utilize the myClub online payments module, drive members to your website where they can make safe, and secure payments. From any device, from anywhere. Reach members when they are most likely to make a payment.
MMH (Motionsoft Mailhouse) — Would you rather have your members receive letters? With Motionsoft’s Mailhouse, we write, stamp, and send the letters, freeing up you and your staff to do more important things.


  • Works seamlessly with all three levels of billing – Billing, Managed Billing and Full-Service
  • Get complete 360 reporting view from within your club management software
  • Save time – Stop wasting staff time by dialing people who aren’t there
  • Consistency – Effectively communicate with your members. Don’t subject yourself to inconsistencies amongst your staff
  • Individual tracking history of people who you have reached out to
  • Payments can be made on your website, over the phone, at your front desk, or at an in-club kiosk

Choose from one or all of these services. Motionsoft’s B.O.S.S. program frees up your time to operate with financial confidence knowing that our team of specialists are working with your members to improve their experience and maximize your revenue.

Speak with one of our dedicated team members today to find which solutions work best for your facility.

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