Gym Billing

— Full Service Billing and Collections

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Gym Billing Software

Motionsoft’s most comprehensive offering. We handle all activities related to billing and accounts receivables. Data is input at the club level, and submitted electronically, where our dedicated account team then takes over. Our Full Service clients report cash flow increases of 10% or more and we don’t get our fee unless we collect for you!

  • Increase your cash flow and speed up collections. [ More… ]
  • CCAUS – Credit Card Automatic Updating Service. [ More… ]
  • No hiring additional A/R staff. [ More… ]
  • Your members call us directly with any financial questions. [ More… ]
  • We reinforce members’ financial obligations, so you don’t have to. [ More… ]
  • Receive easy-to-read monthly statements and reports. [ More… ]

How does Full Service work?

Usually the collections process runs like clock-work. We bill, they pay, you collect. But even when there are delays and hiccups, we handle the problems, follow up on the payments, and get your payments so you are never bothered.

[ Read more about how we run the Collections process… ]

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